The Loyola Way

“The Loyola Model” is now used at EVERY host secondary school in Canada.

What is the “Loyola Model”?

It represents the structure and format used in preparation for Tour Canada.

Step 1: The Panel

At every host school there is a panel of FIVE United States Admissions representatives
who will present for 45 minutes on the following subjects:

  1. Taking the SAT’s
  2. Filing the applications for admission
  3. Costs/financial assistance(This is done by IEFA out of Toronto)
  4. Visas/legal paperwork
  5. Athletics
  6. Filling out inquiry cards
  7. Visiting the campus
  8. Life AFTER you graduate

Autopista Americas Loyola Model

Step 2: The Break

There is a ten minute break to allow for the representatives to prepare their tables.

Step 3: The Fair

All grade 11 and 12 students are released for 75 minutes to meet with university officials.

Autopista Americas Loyola Model

Step 4: The Review

A 15 minute review session with all counselors and certain faculty over coffee to discuss
issues, exchange cards etc.

The consensus was that many of the students and counselors needed better preparation and
understanding as to how the American system works. In addition, we have eliminated those host
schools that would make it necessary for students to pre-register for this event. As we all
know students typically do not react that much in advance and therefore the turnouts were being
affected.Thus, it is now mandatory for all students to be released.