Testimonials / Videos

The following are some of the testimonials we have received from college and high school counselors in regards to the fairs and tours we have been a part of.


All I can say is thank you. Autopista never ceases to impress with your coordination and professionalism. The tours are organized so well with schools that allows all the institutions to connect with prospective a students on a personal level. I feel blessed to get the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group with you, Roberto, Marcia and all the drivers that keep us on time and safe everyday. Can’t wait til the VIs and next March!


Danielle Robinson
SUNY Maritime

We’re the ones who should be thankful for you and Autopista. I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to the students of Puerto Rico. Hopefully, at least one student will apply and attend each university or college that was a part of this year’s tour.

Best wishes,

Elvin A. Browne
Director of Recruitment
King University


Best wishes,

Edwin Mendez Lopez
Universidad InterAmericana de Puerto Rico

Good day Edward,

Thank you!!! for all your help and the great work that you all do to put this events together and the people, etc.. it is amazing!!!… I am going to talk to the school director to see if I can get this one approved.

Do you have any package with all three fairs.. for the two fairs for 2015 in Puerto Rico and the 2014 Toronto in Canada.. maybe I can get them all approved together.

Silvia Monzon
Universidad de Iberoamerica in Costa Rica
Student Services in the US

We couldn’t have done it without you Eddie!! You along with everyone else made my first Autopista tour an amazing experience and I already can’t wait for March!! J


Gretchen R Hanson
Iowa State University

Thank YOU so much! As a first-timer to Autopista Americas, I was so impressed with the way that the tour was organized and the support and guidance I received. I met wonderful students and families; and I also made wonderful new friendships within my profession. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience! Hopefully I get asked to do it again!!

Best wishes,

Alicia Hilligas
Assistant Director
University of Central Florida

Thanks so much, Eddie! Very well said. It was an unforgettable trip. Thanks for everything!


Ashley Brooke Anderson
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis


You make this experience all worth it! Thank you for all your hard work, the encouragement and smiles.

Wishing you all the best,

Trudy Abadie-Mendia
Savannah College of Art and Design®

WOW! That was amazing. You are amazing. It brought a tear to my eye that I missed so much this year. I really missed the bus, the schools, you, the young counselors, the opportunity to share history and insights, to mentor newbies … I missed so much.

Our event on Saturday was record-breaking! We had RSVPs from 26 students and 61 came. We had the room set for 80 and had 120! It’s going to be a helluva year, because as goes Autopista, so goes the year.

Much fondness always,

Deborah J. Bandy
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Thanks so much, Edward. I absolutely loved this experience and am talking to everyone one campus about its value to Mount Union.

You are wonderful and what an amazing thing you have built.

Take care,

Amy Tomko
University of Mount Union


I can’t say enough about you and your team…YES! another awesome job! Thank you for a great recruiting trip, Autopista is by far the highlight of each summer for me! I’m already looking forward to next year.

Take care,

Johassa K. Stone, M. Ed.
Associate Director
Undergraduate Admissions
Ohio University

Thank you Ed for producing this record breaking heart stopping show year after year, always better than the last.last. I will cherish the many one and only Autopista memories. I’ll always be part of it, this time from a vantage spot as an observer in an honorary seat at The Bar for the after party. See you in March

Maria Torres
The Art Institutes – www.aii.edu


Thank YOU! It is incredible what you organize for this tour each year. We are so privileged to be a participant.

Until next time!


Kalen Marie Curtis
Director of Regional Recruitment
Savannah College of Art and Design®

Hi Eddie,

I wanted to let you know that I am going to have 3 PR students coming to GV in the fall – ALL 3 ARE FROM AUTOPISTA! Thank you for everything you do!


Tina Miranda
Assistant Director of Admissions, Grand View University

Mr. Letang,

We sincerely thank you and your collegues for including the St. Thomas – St. John Seventh-day Adventist School in your College Tour as you visited the district of St. Thomas/ St. John, US Virgin Islands. I know that the students will long remember this day as it has been a first for us. They have also been telling me that the experience was most beneficial to them. They were able to dialog with each recruiter and have their questions answered. With this experience they will be able to broaden their scope of colleges/universities and offerings. I hope that you have plans to make this an annual activity, with the possible inclusion of other colleges. We will look forward to next year with a spirit of eagerness, excitement and great anticipation.

On behalf of the Administration, faculty, staff and high school students of the St. Thomas-St. John Seventh-day Adventist School, our deepest thanks and best wishes are wished for your continued success this school year.


Clare C Webster-Soanes
Senior Counselor

Thanks Eddie! Another successful Autopista in the books!! Thank you again for a great 10 days of recruiting. You and your staff are awesome!

Johassa K. Stone, M. Ed.
Associate Director
Undergraduate Admissions
Ohio University

The privilege was all mine. I am DYING to return in March—we’ll see what I can do. You, Marcia, your gang, all the other counselor, and, of course the amazing students and their families made Autopista unforgettable. Thank you for making my first college tour a truly life-changing experience. Future tours will have a lot to live up to! Gracias for everything, and I look forward to being in touch.

Cara Snyder ’09
Admission Counselor
Agnes Scott College

It is the constants (YOU) is what truly makes this trip special. It is one of those things that truly you can’t understand or explain unless you experience it. I want to be part of the Autopista brand!

Omar Correa, M.Ed.
VP Enrollment
University of Nebraska-Omaha

Congrats to all school counselors in our week, and thanks to Autopista for providing the space to see each other every year. We learn a lot. Autopista brings us together and gives us great diversity.

Keila Stewart
Head Guidance Counselor
San Juan, Puerto Rico


Thanks for your reply. The participation of the Academy in your activity is a very effective means of reaching out to the students in Puerto Rico. This can be evidenced by a increase in the amount of applicants to the academy from 5 in 2005 to 46 this year. Your generous contribution to this effort has resulted in having 6 cadets in the academy, one of them is a female. This increase in enrollment from PR has no precedent.

Please confirm the terms that you want to offer the academy if they are the same as before be assured that the Academy will be privileged to continue participating in the great program that you promote.


Jose O. Olmos

Dear Edward:

Thank you for giving the opportunity of increasing my knowledge about the universities through the tours that you organize. The experience of visiting the building, spending time whith university officials and learninig about their requirements has been unforgettabile.

Through the years you tours have fallen in a category of excellence because of your careful planning and organization.

Marcia deserves special congratulations for her diligence and communication with the counselors and teachers participating in each trip. You also have the best guides in the Rampolla brothers, who show a great compromise and dedication to all of those participating in the tour.

Once again, I congratulate you Edward, for your initiative in creating the university tours which in turn have helped create a link between the universities and high schools.

Thank you very much for your effort and the opportunity to be part of your tours.

Awilda Melendez
Academia del Perpetuo Socorro

Autopista is one of the best experiences that I have had as a counselor. It gave me the opportunity to travel, to see and know the colleges and universities much closer. It helped me to teach and talk to my students and their parents about all the things you learned by being there and see all for youself. Nothing better!

The hotels they choose are very good. The trip with the tour guides in the “Autopista” (highway) are fun and they are safe drivers. Always on time in the hotel lobby.

The treament from all the colleges, universities and from all the Autopista staff has been always wonderful.

For me Autopista is simply amazing.

Lourdes Terrada

Autopista Reverse Tour is a great example of a mix of learning and fun for counselors. Parents love our feedback of the universities, the photos and the inside view from the counselors approach. From my first Autopista Reverse Tour I feel the warming feeling of the staff, even I didn’t know anybody from the Tour, it is super!

The counselors have the opportunity to learn at first hand how the admission process is done and a lot of recommendation for our students. The admission and administrative staff of the universities are so friendly and open for all kind of questions. One of the best things is when the colleges brings to the counselors their students to talk in a panel without the staff. That’s the best way to know the institution, vision and their outcome. Some Univerities have a lot of imagination for their “ice breaker” presentation, e.g. bowling, night boat ride, beautiful restaurants, etc. giving the counselors the “wao!” factor and a mental trigger for their institution. We meet with a diverse faculty and view first hand the facilities and some special majors.

In this College Tour the counselors know other counselors from the Island and from Canada. It’s unique, diverse, a lot of laughs, intense work and a learning experience. I recommend without reserve.

Keila Stewart-Torres
Consejera Profesional, Lic. 0602
Puerto Rico

Dear Eddie,

Just passing by to say THANK YOU! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

The learning experience in visiting all these colleges was unexpected, and I am already encouraging our students to apply for some of these schools.

The tour was awesome, the group of counselors was amazing, the experience extraordinary. I just have one word to describe the whole experience, FANTASTIC!

I am really glad I could be a part of it, and I hope I can do it again sometime.

I put myself at your service in any way I could be of help to you and your organization.


Glorybell Vega Franco
Colegio San Antonio

Good Afternoon Ed:

I am in the process of tying up loose ends for all of the Fairs that we had this year in the VI. I want to personally thank you for bringing Autopista to the USVI. I have said to you before that you and your colleagues, for the most part, are the only connections that most of our students have to the colleges in which they will be applying. Please know that all of our counselors thank you and the schools that came this spring. I do hope that the schools that attended this time around found their visits to St. Thomas and St. Croix productive as far as recruitment. We also hope that the Tortola visit was also productive. I look forward to working with you and Alec next year.

Thanks again, Ed!

Mrs. Mariska Nurse
Dean of Guidance / Student Affairs
St. Croix Country Day School

On behalf of all of the high schools in the USVI and Tortola, we would like to thank you for bringing the Autopista College Fair to our islands. As we have discussed, you have become a very important part of our goal in educating, guiding and bringing colleges and universities to our students.

Teachers of St. Croix