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The Autopista Plan

During these challenging times surrounding all of us we have resolved in our minds that now is the time to become “INNOVATORS” and attempt to make this a better world more than ever before. Now, is NOT the time to become passive and undemonstrative, but rather to be creative and visionary relative to the challenges that lie ahead. If, travel is NOT in your immediate plans this Fall, we have investigated and reached a performance level we think will and should work.

We are calling it ... The Autopista Ambassador Plan.

  1. Each Ambassador (5) will represent (10) universities
  2. Each Ambassador will collect STUDENT DATA under the guidelines of each university being represented
  3. STUDENT DATA will be forwarded directly to each registered institution
  4. Ambassador will provide names of all Guidance Directors, Principals, School Name, School address, email of both guidance and principal and phone #
  5. Ambassador will have NO further communication with prospective student once transfer has been made unless requested by university
  6. Each Ambassador will visit a total of 44 private schools from September through November, 2020.

We at Autopista know the island of Puerto Rico.

We have worked with EVERY private counselor on the island.

These counselors have traveled with Autopista throughout the United States as part of our Reverse Tour Series.

Unanimously, these counselors have approved of this kind of representation in order to keep the communication network open.

YOU collect the leads and when YOU receive clearance, you take the next step.

The Autopista Ambassador campaign is a direct outreach meant to provide students/parents of Puerto Rico and BEYOND an opportunity to get prospective students application information into the Admissions Review Center. Admission officials will have the opportunity to participate in the full Puerto Rico Tours whenever clearance is given.

Autopista Americas. One Wave. Many Shores.

Ambassador Program Participating Schools

Below is a list of schools that The Autopista Ambassador Program will be contacting relative to Phase I of getting into the schools this Fall.

Each school will receive The Autopista Ambassador for 90 minutes and transfer of information to the university will be made within 24 hours.

Autopista will monitor this master list 24/7 in order to ensure compliance and agreement between each secondary school and Autopista Americas.

The Ambassador Series will begin October 26th and will continue through January 26th. Names of prospective students will be provided to you on a weekly basis for this 10 week run.

We return to Puerto Rico for our regular tour and San Juan Nights February 1-5, 2021.

Metro Area

1. Colegio La Piedad
2. Colegio Santa Gema
3. Calvin School
4. American Military Academy
5. Antilles Military Academy
6. Colegio Santa Maria del Camino
7. St. Mary’s School
8. Colegio Matter Salvatore
9. Colegio Maristas
10. Colegio San Ignacio
11. Academia Maria Reina
12. Colegio Rosabell
13. Beato Carlos
14. Colegio Espíritu Santo
15. Colegio San Antonio
16. Secundaria Montessori de Puerto Rico
17. Colegio del Carmen
18. Perpetuo Socorro
20. Wesleyan Academy

Center and East Coast

1. Notre Dame
2. Colegio Bautista de Caguas
3. Caguas Private School
4. Plamas Academy
5. San Antoio Abad
6. Radiance Cayey
7. Edison Caguas

South Coast

1. Santa Maria Reina
2. Colegio Ponceño
3. Sagrado Corazon
4. Colegio Guamany
5. Academia Interamericana Ponce

North Central

1. Colegio Marista de Manati
2. Colegio Piaget
3. Colegio La Merced Manati
4. Colegio Capitan Correa
5. Colegio San Felipe
6. Colegio del Carmen

West Coast

1. Ramey School
2. Academia Interamericana Aguadilla
3. Liceo Aguadillano
4. Froebel Bilingual
5. Carib High School
6. Walks Web
8. Colegio Inmaculada Mayaguez
9. Colegio San Antonio de Mayaguez

APP STRONG - San Juan, Puerto Rico ... "It was a week of hope, anticipation, and courage where thousands of students, parents, counselors, and aides all rallied to The Moment. The Moment when 63 colleges and unverisities carried on a holiday mission that was unprecedented in college recruiting. Over 4,000 applications were filed in three days."

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