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The Autopista Plan

For the first time in over 30 years, Autopista Americas will concentrate their recruitment efforts in a NEW format. Instead of us visiting the schools we will bring the schools to us.

Covid-19 has changed the way we move and interact with our friends, family, and clients, that is why, this year we will not visit schools, we will stay in strategic locations around the island and bring the students and parents to us.

The tour dates are September 13-19, 2021 and the locations are...

  1. Ponce Hilton, Ponce Puerto Rico
  2. Courtyard by Marriott, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
  3. Arecibo Main Coliseum, Arecibo Puerto Rico
  4. Embassy Suites San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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APP STRONG - San Juan, Puerto Rico ... "It was a week of hope, anticipation, and courage where thousands of students, parents, counselors, and aides all rallied to The Moment. The Moment when 63 colleges and unverisities carried on a holiday mission that was unprecedented in college recruiting. Over 4,000 applications were filed in three days."

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