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Welcome to Autopista Americas

We are proud to introduce Autopista Americas, the preeminent college recruiting tour spanning Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the US Virgin Islands. With an unparalleled legacy spanning over four decades, Autopista has emerged as the foremost authority in facilitating successful engagements between educational institutions and prospective students across these diverse regions.

Established under the visionary leadership of our late CEO, Edward LaVigne, and now helmed by Roberto Rampolla, Autopista stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of college recruitment. Our esteemed team has garnered unwavering support and respect from colleges, universities, schools, and counselors, whose collaboration has been instrumental in the efficacy of our tours.

At Autopista Americas, we uphold a steadfast commitment to being your dedicated partner across all destinations we serve, providing round-the-clock support and guidance.

Our tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to forge meaningful connections with prospective students, fostering relationships that transcend mere enrollment. By joining our tour, institutions have the chance to offer invaluable insights into the college experience while simultaneously networking with industry peers. We are confident that participation in Autopista Americas will expose your institution to a diverse spectrum of students, opening doors to endless possibilities.

Welcome to the Autopista Americas family, where excellence in college recruitment is not just a promise, but a tradition upheld with pride and dedication.

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APP STRONG - San Juan, Puerto Rico ... "It was a week of hope, anticipation, and courage where thousands of students, parents, counselors, and aides all rallied to The Moment. The Moment when 63 colleges and unverisities carried on a holiday mission that was unprecedented in college recruiting. Over 4,000 applications were filed in three days."

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