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Welcome to Autopista Americas

We are the largest, most experienced, and successful college recruiting tour that visits Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the USVI, and Canada.

With over 40 years of experience, Autopista has gained the support and respect of the Colleges, Universities, schools, and school counselors that made it possible for us having an effective tour. Founded by our late CEO Edward LaVigne and now in the hands of Roberto Rampolla, President, and our team, Autopista continues to deliver on the promise to be your partner in all the destinations that we serve and to be with you 24/7.

With so many choices out there, Why Autopista Americas tour?

Autopista Americas College Recruiting Tour provides a great opportunity to meet and engage with potential students. We believe that by being part of the tour, you can help foster relationships between students and your institution, as well as provide guidance and insights about the college experience. It's also a great way to network with other professionals in the field of admissions and learn from their experiences. We are confident that being part of Autopista will expose you and your institution to a great spectrum of students with endless possibilities. Welcome to the Autopista Americas family.

The Autopista Plan

The Autopista Americas College Recruiting Tour is heading back to Puerto Rico next spring!

Join us for a unique opportunity to connect with top-tier students from around the island. This exclusive event will feature 20 school visits, 2 college fairs at the Embassy Suites in Isla Verde, our host hotel, and Strive Scan, providing valuable networking with students looking for educational opportunities.

Don't miss the chance to pave the way for that perfect student.

Join us at the next Autopista Americas Spring College Recruiting Tour in Puerto Rico!

Dates: February 11 to 17, 2024.
Host Hotel: Embassy Suites Isla Verde
Cost: $3,500.00

StriveScan, a national host of virtual college fairs and provider of student scanning at college fairs and campus events, will be in use this year for our events.

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APP STRONG - San Juan, Puerto Rico ... "It was a week of hope, anticipation, and courage where thousands of students, parents, counselors, and aides all rallied to The Moment. The Moment when 63 colleges and unverisities carried on a holiday mission that was unprecedented in college recruiting. Over 4,000 applications were filed in three days."

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