Autopista Puerto Rico and San Juan Nights

Autopista Americas San Juan Nights

Autopista Americas San Juan Nights

The Tour

  1. San Juan (Rio Piedras, Guaynabo, Santurce, Condado, Bayamon)
  2. Arecibo (Manati, Hatillo, Barceloneta)
  3. Aguadilla (Guajataca, Isabella, Quebradillas, San Sebastian)
  4. Mayaguez (Lajas, Las Marias, Cobo Rojo)
  5. Ponce (Juana Diaz, Guayama, Santa Isabel)
  6. Caguas (Humacao, San Lorenza, Gurabo, Fajardo)

San Juan NightsCosts include*: Secondary School visitation privilege, transportation around the island, 4-full page advertisements in El Nuevo Dia newspaper to begin running 1 week before San Juan Nights Fair (August), ballroom rental space in the Grand Ballroom at The Ritz Carlton San Juan for 2 nights (August), 10′ x 10′ booth space in the Grand Ballroom for 2 nights (August), booth rental space for 2 Night Fairs (March).

Each day the buses depart from The Ritz Carlton San Juan in San Juan between 6:00am – 7:00am depending on the location of the first school visit. Each visit lasts approximately 1.5 hours and the tour covers up to 5 schools per day. University representatives should be prepared to supply materials for these students. The buses return to the hotel between 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

*You may run additional advertising and rent extra booth space for any tour at an additional cost to be determined by AutopistaAmericas.

Hotel Information & Reservations Specifications

San Juan NightsAll AutopistaAmericas clients stay at The Ritz Carlton San Juan. This hotel has rooms available for many kinds of specific requests, including private receptions, interview rooms, presentation centers rooms and private suites. The hotel is also the location for the San Juan Nights Fair held the last two nights of the tour.

Important notices about the hotel: We have a special agreement with the hotel by which we secure a block of rooms each year reserved for Autopista guests. These rooms are offered to our clients at a special discounted rate. Due to this agreement, ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE THROUGH OUR OFFICE. DO NOT MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS YOURSELF. If you should contact the hotel directly, you will not be offered the discounted rate. To make reservations at The Ritz Carlton San Juan, please contact us.

San Juan Nights

  1. Undergraduate Schools
  2. Graduate Schools
  3. Corporate Caribbean

Recruitment in the island of Puerto Rico can be a great return on your investment, but it can also be misunderstood if not approached appropriately. Recruiting students from Puerto Rico will require an intentional and different approach from other markets that you may be currently approaching.

To make sure that you maximize your institutional investments to date or in the future, let’s make sure that we create the right plan. We are all well aware of institutional pressures for quick return on investments in these competitive times. The right plan of action will ensure sustainable success, instead of what otherwise will be perceived as a costly “vacation” to the person sent to recruit.

Many institutions throughout the United States are enjoying the benefits of recruiting, enrolling and graduating these wonderful students. The cultural and academic richness that Puerto Rican students provide comes with great return on investment, in the form of diversity and net tuition revenue, to mention a few.

Don’t waste resources already invested and don’t attempt another recruitment year without having a plan to ensure success! Let more than 15 years of experience from ABC Enrollment Services assist you achieving your recruitment goals in Puerto Rico.

Omar G. Correa, M.Ed.
Vice President For Enrollment, Loras College
Twitter: @omargcorrea

A two-night finale held in the Grand Ballroom at The Ritz Carlton San Juan.

San Juan NightsEach year, San Juan Nights attracts the largest group of prospective undergraduate and graduate students to The Ritz Carlton San Juan and Casino International Ballroom. The 11,040 sq. ft. Ballroom provides a unique and sophisticated ambiance conducive to a clientele of thousands of ambitious latino students and motivated admissions staff. San Juan Nights allows a personalized one-on-one communication between universities and students creating a forum for personal interaction.

Due to the overwhelming success of San Juan Nights over the past 25 years, AutopistaAmericas receives unparalleled support from the media, Chamber of Commerce, school districts and families on the island.

Each night the fair runs from 6:00pm – 9:00pm in the Grand Ballroom. Graduate and undergraduate schools, sponsors and companies take part in this popular annual event on the island. Each participant is given a 10′ x 10′ booth space (with additional space optional) to display banners, posters and other promotional material. Participants may also order A/V equipment for their booth space. These orders go through our office.

Many universities opt to choose PRIMARY EXHIBIT SPACE which allows for more space and better coverage during The San Juan Nights. Please contact Autopista Americas for more details.

Shipping Information for Promotional Materials

Ship all materials in advance to The Ritz Carlton San Juan.

Autopista Americas
Att: William Rosa
Meetings & Special Events
The Ritz Carlton, San Juan
6961 Avenida Los Gobernadores
Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979-7000

On each box, clearly mark the following:

  1. Your name and name of University
  2. Hotel address (listed to right)
  3. and…hold onto your TRACKING NUMBERS!

Private Receptions

San Juan NightsPrivate receptions are the best investments you can make in Puerto Rico. The private receptions allow you to direct your focus to a particular group of students so that you maycater to their unique interests, talents and concerns.

When a student from Puerto Rico is personally invited by a university to attend a reception, it is an honor. They come.

Two years ago, one of our clients put on a reception for the first time in 5 years. Over 100 students and their parents attended and 29 of those students have enrolled to date at that particular university. They had a second reception this past year and over 175 students attended.

A private reception is the best investment you can make in Puerto Rico. You may schedule a private reception during any free time spot during the two weeks of the tour. It is recommended that you hold your receptions on the weekends or after 5:00pm on the weekdays during the second week (this gives you a chance to make contacts with students and families during the first week).